1. LETTER OF APPOINTMENT - Letter of appointment with CASE NUMBER is required in order to proceed with the Medicals
  2. PASSPORT - Original Passport or Asylum Papers is required along with 2 copies of the same.
  3. PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS - 4 Passport Size Colour Photos (Must be South African Passport size not the US Embassy size)
  4. ADDRESSES - Your current residential address and Intended US Address is required to complete the paper work.
  5. KIDS WITHOUT PASSPORT - If you don't have Passport for kids, need Birth Certificate and 5 Passport size photos.
  6. SPECTACLES - If you are wearing spectacles, you are required to bring them with you for the medical examination.
  7. CHRONIC MEDICATION - If you are on any Chronic medication you are required to bring them with you.
  8. VACCINATION CARDS  - Please bring your original vaccination card(s) along with a copy of the vaccination card(s).
  9. APPOINTMENT - Immigration medicals require 2 days to be completed. Appointments are scheduled on Monday and Thursday (or) on Friday and Monday ONLY.


Please fill in all the required information